Frac Spyder difference

The Frac spyder refueling system is the epitome of innovation and advanced technology.

We are the smart, safe choice when it comes to addressing automated frac refueling needs. Our technology emphasizes safety by controlling exposure time in the refueling hot zones. The Frac Spyder Hot Fueling Elimination system removes the need for an employee to be in the hot zone altogether. Our self-contained unit is extremely cost-effective and provides superior risk management.



  • Reduced spill issues with a closed filling system
  • No static buildup with a lack of splash filling of pumpers
  • Grounded and bonded system double containment at all key points


  • Multiple pumps can be filled simultaneously thus preventing the need to slow down or stop for fueling
  • Fuel metering system monitors fuel consumption
  • Productivity increases as the frac fueling hot zone is all but eliminated, so productive time continues during refueling


  • More accurate fuel orders as the fuel is metered as it is consumed with our independently┬ámetered fuel hose.
  • Quicker mobilization and demobilization since pumpers do not need to travel with full fuel tanks, reducing the potential for spills on roadways
  • Manpower requirement reduced compared with traditional fueling, where typically two trucks and four workers per shift are needed
  • Technology reduces the number of employees per shift needed for frac jobs

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