Frac Spyder's advanced technology reduces the dangers of fueling in hot zones and the negative effects on the environment while improving safety.


Our fueling system replaces the fuel cap with a connector to control all aspects of refueling the frac system.

Our customers have benefitted and continue to benefit from the use of our technology with a reduction in non-productive time, and in the manpower needed to perform the refueling operations, while maximizing safety and cost optimization.

image/svg+xml Innovation

Our Octofueler unit incorporates 27 continuous hose reels that can dispense up to 420 ft., with each hose reel being independently metered, and recorded, while providing three levels of protection:

  • Revolutionary patented float
  • Double-walled, self-contained fuel tank system with an 11,000-gallon capacity
  • Hydraulic legs can lift and lower the 56,000 lb unit, providing rapid mobilization and demobilization

image/svg+xml Command

  • Our Control Room elevates fuel automation to a higher level by isolating the fuel levels for each reel
  • The low-pressure fuel system provides better management of your fuel usage and can identify deficiencies with the frac pumps while in production.
  • Fuel-usage reports are downloadable for our clients.

image/svg+xml Additional

  • Hydraulic rewind hose reels with 20 kilo-volt-ampere (kva) genset onboard
  • Security cameras provide onsite monitoring
  • Mechanical shutoff valves for each dispensing nozzle
  • Solar powered back-up system
  • Level monitoring of supply tanks